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eyebrow brushes


What should you consider choosing brushes for eyebrows?

Make-up artists in practice use a wide variety of cosmetics for eyebrows - eyeshadows, dyes, cosmetic pencils. However, working on makeup, not only the brand and quality of the cosmetics are important, but also convenient eyebrow brushes.

Most often, a straight and a beveled eyebrow brushes are used to create a form. You can use them to simulate an eyebrow and fill in its shape evenly.
The brush shouldn’t be too hard, even if you choose a model with metal teeth. Another important quality of makeup brushes for eyebrows is the elasticity of the pile. The elastic brush adds graphics to the eyebrows and makes an accent on them.
Don’t stop at one tool – you can pay attention to such auxiliary brushes as combs and ruffes. The ruff combs the eyebrow, removes excess pigment and evens out its layer. The brush for coloring eyebrows with the comb form has several functions at once: it separates the eyebrow hairs well, makes a light massage and eliminates peeling of the skin.

What eyebrow brushes do you need to buy to create stylish make-up?

The best brush for eyebrows is a beveled model for applying eyeshadow or fondant. Also pay attention to the thickness. The thinner the eyebrow brush - the better.
Your set should also include a double-sided brush with a beveled synthetic brush and an eyebrow comb.

buy an eyebrow brush

The manufacturer WoBs regularly expands its range, and eyebrow brushes take a special place in it. Here's what you can find in our catalog:

Natural fiber brushes - sable, lynx, raccoon, piglet;
Synthetic fiber - taklon, gupilon, silicone;
Models with metallic coating;
Various shapes - round, flat, beveled, elongated, double, with a pointed end;
Collections that you will like – White Line, Smoky, Piano, Natural Shine, Dark Chocolates.

Why are WOBs eyebrow coloring brushes appreciated by masters?

If you want your eyebrows to always be drawn smoothly and have a good shape, choose eyebrow coloring brushes in the brushes shop!

WOBs adheres to the principles of customer orientation, so our eyebrow coloring brushes are always convenient to use and easy to care for and disinfect.

You can get the best eyebrow brush for beginners for your cosmetic bag making your first order on our website