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Pencil technique in makeup is used in working with the eyes and involves the active use of pencil shading. Unlike everyday makeup, professional makeup begins not with applying shadows, but with drawing the shape with a pencil and its shading to hide even small imperfections on the skin. What should you pay attention to when choosing brushes for pencil technique?

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Pencil technique - how to choose the right brushes?

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Pencil technique is a meticulous work that requires small brushes that allow you to apply thin lines and correct every unnecessary detail.

Brushes for eyes makeup drawing are of two types according to the quality of the material: synthetic bristles for shading the boundaries of the pencil form and natural bristles for applying and shading shadows. Remember that synthetic fibers are more suitable for liquid texture, and goat, squirrel, sable or pony hair for dry texture. Since the pencil has a creamy base, you should first of all pay attention to brushes with synthetic hair. For pencil shading, the most suitable brush shapes are flat and narrow.

If you want to achieve mastery in pencil eye makeup drawing, you will need a lot of brushes, different in shape and size. The reason for this is that pencil technique requires delicate work, attentiveness and careful shading.

That is why the manufacturer of brushes WoBs offers a wide range of brushes for different techniques:

Basic tongue-shaped brush for pencil shading;
Flat brush for pencil technique for the lower eyelid;
A trapezoid brush for drawing small contours;
A small brush that helps to work with the outlet lines.

Buy WoBs pencil brushes for pencil technique - why thousands of customers choose us?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner in make-up skills or a professional with many years of experience. For constant practice you need to buy brushes for pencil technique, so makeup brushes manufacturer WoBs is always open for cooperation with you and offers the following advantages:

Wide assortment - more than 300 different types of brushes;
Universal brush for pencil technique WoBs has a high quality of workmanship;
Diverse nap - a large selection of natural and synthetic models;
WoBs brushes are sent in individual packages;
Fast and convenient delivery is guaranteed.

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