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The first thing that attracts in any make-up is the eyes. To make the look deep and expressive, eyeliner gel is not enough - you also need eyeliner with brush. That's why it's important to know which eyeliner brush to buy for beautiful and easy make-up.

Wobs bones for arrows


Which eyeliner brushes create the perfect eye make-up?

How do eyeliner brushes help you draw neat and straight lines?

A brush with a dense pile gives the eyes extra expression. A thin flat brush will allow you to evenly distribute the pigment between the eyelashes. You can use a synthetic or natural flat brush, but it's important that the bristles keep their shape. This brush works best with dry or loose, cream and gel eyeliners.
A fine line brush is the best make-up brush if you're new to working with eyeliner and it allows you to control your movements so you can draw the thinnest lines. Create a line with thin strokes until you get the shape you like.
A "cat eye" is one of the most dramatic makeup statements you can make. The small synthetic angled arrow brush we offer allows you to control the shape of the line. The sharp slanted shape of the brush allows you to create both precise corners and thick wings that occupy a large area of ​​the eyelid surface. The angled brush for eyeliner is a must-have for those who are fond of various eye make-up techniques.
A thin brush for arrows helps to process even the smallest details. Such brushes are most convenient for applying liquid eyeliner. It's suitable for both everyday and other types of makeup.

WoBs makeup brushes for arrows are tools that allow you to draw a straight arrow from the first time, because during manufacturing we took into account all the nuances that are needed when applying make-up:

Since the eyeliners have mostly a liquid cream base, we offer very comfortable brushes made of synthetic material - taklon and silicone.
The shapes of the brushes are made in various modifications - round, flat, angled, bent eyeliner brushes, with a pointed end.
Collections for every taste - White Line, Smoky, Piano, Klimentina, Natural Shine, Dark Chocolates.

buy brushes for arrows wobs

The WoBs arrow brush is easy to hold and use for different techniques, so you will definitely enjoy working with our products.


WoBs Beveled Arrow Brush - Why every make-up artist should buy it?

A beveled arrow brush is one of the best options for a make-up artist. With its help, you can draw neat arrows with both liquid eyeliners and shadows. Another option is a thin brush for drawing arrows made of synthetic pile with a slightly broken base, which perfectly draws the tips of the arrows.

You can find all these makeup brushes in the catalog of the WoBs store. If you need to order angled eyeliner brushes from Ukraine, we have provided you with a number of guarantees:

Product quality;
Wide assortment;
Fast delivery;
Customer-oriented service.

Brushes are always a combination of beauty and convenience!