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Fan brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles not only look stylish and fun, but are also great for several purposes. Gently dumping excess powder or gently spreading highlighter is not a problem for them! Let's find out why WoBs fan brush should be in every makeup bag.



Why have fan brushes become so popular in recent fashion seasons?

Even professionals make mistakes in applying makeup. For example, it can be accidentally spilled powder or shadows on the finished make-up. How to fix it? Fan brushes come to the rescue here. Large fan brush invisibly removes the remnants of cosmetics with a dry texture - powder, blush or shadows.

buy fan bones wobs

What should you pay attention to when choosing a fan broom? First, the material of the pile. Fan brushes can work with any texture, but more often they are needed for dry cosmetics. Therefore, you should give preference to natural pile. Secondly, do not take a brush with stiff bristles. It can not only damage your newly created make-up, but also cause skin irritation.

What else can such a brush be useful for? Firstly, the fan brush is good for precise application of highlighter. Secondly, if you have too loose shadows, the fan brush removes excess cosmetics at any stage of makeup application very quickly and cleanly. In turn, you can buy a synthetic fan brush for makeup to create a beautiful nail design.

So, in the store of the manufacturer of brushes WoBs you can buy a fanning brush that will suit your make-up technique. Therefore, we offer such models.

Fan brushes for highlighter. Thanks to the thin bristles and gentle application, the fan brush provides a smooth application of the highlighter.
Thin fan brushes. Smaller and more precise brushes are one of the best purchases you can make for your makeup collection. Not only is this fan brush great for dumping off makeup residue, but you can also use them to apply eye shadow.
Thick fan brushes. With a dense fan brush, applying powder will be very easy. It can also be used for applying bronzer and contouring the face. The shape of the brush blends perfectly with your cheekbones and provides easy, fast and smooth application.

WoBs fan makeup brush - what is the reason for its popularity among makeup artists?

It is important that the makeup brush fan is of good quality. If your brushes are made without taking into account the nuances and details, there is a chance that they will start causing problems sooner than you think. The bristles may be too stiff, damage your face or cause skin irritation. The brush may also have an uncomfortable angle for you when applying makeup.

Fan brushes  wobs

But the manufacturer of WoBs will allow you to avoid these problems! Here you can buy professional Wobs brushes made of high-quality natural or synthetic bristles and the appropriate shape.

You can order on our website brushes for makeup, and we will provide you with fast delivery!