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Mini brush sets

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mini makeup brushes set

Our brushes shop gives you the opportunity to purchase not only large sets of brushes for all stages of makeup, but also mini brush sets of professional make-up brushes. We are sure that such a set should be in the possession of both a fashionista who cares about her appearance and a professional master, because mini-kits can always be taken with you for emergency makeup correction even in difficult moments.

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Choose a high-quality make-up mini brush sets on

The manufacturer of makeup brushes Wobs presents several types of brush sets in its catalog:

Good makeup brush for pencil technique made of taklon. It has a main brush that works with the upper eyelid, a flat brush for the lower eyelid, a trapezoid brush, and a small elastic brush for drawing small elements;
For applying and blending eyeshadow. You can choose a mini makeup brushes set made of both taklon and natural sable hair. The set may include: a round pencil brush for dry, creamy, and watercolor textures; a round brush for light and dense blending; a flat brush for pencil blending; a round brush for shadow blending.
For lips. This makeup brush set consists of three models: a small elastic brush for even lipstick application, a slightly larger elastic tongue brush for lip gloss, and a brush in a folding case that is suitable for both glosses and lipsticks.
For eyelashes and mascara. In this set you will find a silicone spatula to prevent mascara from crumbling, a fan brush for applying mascara from root to tip, a silicone mascara brush, a classic comb with metal teeth on one side and bristles on the other.
For the face. All the makeup tools in this mini brush set have a fluffy taklon hair and are presented in the following models: a flat brush for applying foundation; a round brush for highlighter; a large round brush for loose powder; a beveled brush for concealer and blush.

Your favorite online makeup brushes store has prepared special offers for regular customers who are interested in professional makeup, so thanks to us you have the opportunity to buy a mini brushes set with personalized promotions and discounts.

Choose Wobs makeup brushes, because you can purchase our products in any corner of Ukraine with convenient delivery right to your home!