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The trend of recent years is the willingness to experiment. Both professional makeup artists and ordinary makeup lovers are turning to techniques that only a few years ago were owned only by professional makeup artists. Today, fashionistas are increasingly interested in and mastering the technique of rubbing, which is often used in the creation of evening makeup.

The rubbing technique involves the application of pigment or base under it, as well as glitter and mica. Shining pigment can replace your highlighter and add brightness and playfulness to your makeup. But you will not be able to work in this technique if you do not have a special pigment brush in your cosmetic bag.


Brush for pigments - what is its feature?

bones for rubbing

The pigment has a dry crumbly texture and is part of the eye shadow. At the same time, glitter has a liquid consistency, so these two cosmetics should be applied differently.

Brushes for pigments come in several varieties, which differ in three basic criteria:

  • The material from which they are made;
  • Pile thickness;
  • Functional purpose.

Before you decide to buy pigment brush, consider the basic face makeup brushes:

Flat brushes made of natural hair. The flat brush should be well packed, as the pigment is quite loose cosmetics, so you need to apply it with care so as not to spoil the previously applied layers of makeup. For more convenient application of pigment, give preference to squirrel, sable or pony bristles instead of synthetic talon;
The silicone rubbing brush is at the same time ideal for applying glitter. One of its main advantages is its easy care and great durability compared to conventional brushes. Silicone is not as soft as natural hair, but this material does not allow liquid cosmetics to spread, which facilitates the work of the master. Also, a silicone brush is suitable for applying pigment, which proves its functionality.
Beveled or thin synthetic bristle brush. This rubbing brush allows you to accurately apply cream shadows or eyeliner, so it should also be in the arsenal of the master.

Ordering the best brush for pigments is easy with WoBs!

buy bones for rubbing

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