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Cosmetic cases

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Every owner of a complete set of make-up brushes or various cosmetic products is proud of their collection, whether they are a professional or an ordinary amateur. You chose every brush and pencil with trepidation and special attention until you bought everything you needed, but you have nowhere to put this collection? A case for makeup brushes and a cosmetic case will come to your rescue.

At first glance, a case is just a small thing that no one really pays attention to. But this is not true. A case is the main thing you can use to extend the life of your brushes. After all, the condition of the brush depends not only on how it was used, but also on how it is stored. To keep each hair in a neat, not tattered condition, the brush should be stored in a special case. You can buy a case for makeup brushes in our online store. But first, you have to figure out exactly what purpose you need a case for, because they are all divided according to their purpose.

 cosmetic organizer cases

There are special cases for carrying brushes and cosmetics, such cases are called belts. With their help, you can easily and simply move your brushes and cosmetics, if necessary. With the help of tubes, you can also easily carry all your belongings. And there is also a regular case for pencils, brushes and more. You can find all of this in stores under the "cosmetics cases and accessories" section. It's very difficult to find the right accessories for your cosmetics, and it's even harder to find a high-quality accessory that will also fit your cosmetics. But you have to realize that cosmetics storage accessories are where your cosmetics will spend most of their time. Consider it the home of your cosmetics. Manufacturer of makeup brushes Wobs will provide you with the widest range of accessories for storing cosmetics. At our online store you will find something that will really suit you among the variety of products. We understand that a quality cosmetics accessory should not be a luxury. It should be an essential element.

That's why our pricing policy is suitable even for those who do not have very high earnings. That's why most Ukrainian make-up artists buy accessories for storing cosmetics in our online store. Don't forget that you shouldn't neglect such an important thing. If you still do not have an accessory for your cosmetics, don't hesitate to buy it on our website.


What kind of cosmetics case is suitable for brushes?

Brushes are the working instrument for a makeup artist. These are the tools that help them make money. The shelf life of brushes directly depends on the place of storage. There are SPECIAL cases for brushes of various shapes and purposes: cases, tubes, cosmetic bags etc. Brushes can be placed in cosmetics case together or separately.


Large cosmetic cases or small ones – what is the difference and how to choose the best cosmetic cases for your tools?

cosmetic covers to buy

There are different cosmetic organizer cases for storing your make-up brushes:

Cosmetic bags. They store everything from brushes to blush. There are large cosmetic cases, where each item of cosmetics has its own place.
Cases for pencils. Very handy accessory, as EVERY pencil is in life without a collar. You can place the pencils in the order you need and easily find the right color.
Brush tube. A compact case that fits in any woman's handbag.
Cases for brushes. Execution in the form of a wallet. You can choose this accessory for yourself depending on the number of brushes at your disposal. There are cases that can accommodate from 8 to 29 brushes. You can also buy a two-tiered case with 46 cells.
Folder cases. Small cosmetics case that takes a little space, but it's very roomy.
Belt case, which is attached to the waist. Suitable for professional makeup artists.
The case for an eyebrow master. It contains all the related products for eyebrow care.

ЯCosmetic roll case for professional makeup artists – how to choose the right model?

When choosing a cosmetic case organizer, first determine its purpose. If you have nowhere to put your cosmetics, buy a cosmetic bag. But if makeup is your profession, then you should choose a more functional accessory where you can put everything in its place and cosmetics do not mix. For instance, it could be a cosmetic roll case.

Where can I buy high-quality cosmetic cases?

There are many online and offline stores where you can purchase the best cosmetic case which would be perfect for you. But the online brush shop can offer you a good assortment for adequate money. Take a look at our professional Wobs brushes and kits for storing them – we're sure you will definitely find the best option for your needs!