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Highlighters are light-reflecting products available as liquid, cream and powder. They improve your complexion and give your skin a bright glow and make your cheekbones more prominent. You can also apply highlighter on temples and brow arches. WoBs offers makeup accessories that are sure to make the best accents in your makeup.

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Highlighter brushes - what type should you choose?

buy a highlighter brush wobs

Highlighter brush on makeup website of WoBs vary in shape, size and pile material, which affects your vision of perfect makeup :

A fan brush helps you apply light and smoky highlighter. A long pile brush applies makeup easily with light strokes and is best for the forehead area;
Blush brush. You can buy a brush for highlighter that is versatile. A round shaped blush brush is ideal for applying powder highlighter under the brow and brow arch.
Flat Blush Brush. This is the best brush for highlighter that is perfect for applying a creamy texture. The slightly curved or tapered head is great for correcting areas under the eyes;
Torch Brush. This makeup brush for highlighting will help to improve the appearance of glare and lines on the skin.

WoBs online store offers more than 300 types of brushes for models, bloggers and makeup artists, and highlighter tools with the following features:

Natural materials - goat hair and squirrel hair;
Of synthetic materials - taklon;
Shapes of two basic types - flat and round;
The Dark Chocolates collection will delight you with the high quality of the products.

Brush for highlighter to buy in Wobs store with fast delivery

In our store you can buy the best makeup brush for highlighter as quickly as possible at any time convenient for you.

To place an order you can in several ways:

By adding makeup brushes to the shopping cart on our website;
Write to us on Viber+38(063)956-4111 , +38(097)746-8023;
By writing to or on social networks Facebook or Instagram.

Delivery within Ukraine is made through a post office or by courier to the Nova Poshta office. All orders placed by 17:00 are shipped the same day. Orders received later are delivered on the next business day. Also we provide free delivery on orders of 1500 UAH or more.

Also you can get our Wobs makeup brushes being abroad thanks to the transport company "Ukrposhta".