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Concealer brushes

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Concealer is a cosmetic product that masks imperfections and blemishes on the skin. It's most commonly used to cover dark circles around the eyes, age spots, and scars. Like any concealer, concealer is extremely versatile, so it can be applied in different ways depending on your skin type, facial structure, and the problems you want to hide. It can also be used to visually change the shape of the face. To achieve the best results in concealing imperfections such as rashes and pigmentation, you need not only good cosmetics, but also professional concealer brushes. As a rule, such models have a synthetic base, so it's almost impossible to find concealer brushes made of natural fiber.

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Concealer brushes should be made of synthetic fibers, such as nylon or taklon. Makeup brushes made of natural hair are not rational to use for two main reasons:

Cosmetics are applied in stripes and unevenly;
Natural materials absorb too much cosmetic product, which contributes to the uneconomical use of pigments.

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Concealer brushes have a convenient shape to make it easy to work with the eye area: they can be flat or rounded. You should also pay attention to the pile: it should be thick, dense, and soft. The most popular type of concealer brush is a model with a smooth, short bristle. To get an even blending of concealer, you need to apply it in small portions on the brush and quickly hammer it in, evenly distributing the product over the problem skin.

Unlike concealers, face correctors are not suitable for masking wide areas and dark circles under the eyes. It's most often used to cover small problem areas, such as acne or blemishes. Corrector brushes are similar in shape to concealer brushes, but the main difference between them is that brushes for face correctors should have a sharper tip because they are designed for fine details.

*Don't forget to take proper care of your tools: your brushes need to be cleaned after every application to avoid spreading infection and worsening the condition of your beautiful skin.

Concealer brushes wobs

Every girl who loves make-up should have good quality brushes in her arsenal. There are situations when women opt for cheap products, spend a lot of time and effort on makeup, but end up with something completely different from what they wanted. Your beauty is the most important thing, so we recommend that you do not spare money and buy professional makeup brushes for yourself.


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