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At first glance, it seems that lip design is the easiest part of make-up. But if you are creating an image for a photo shoot, an Instagram blog or a Tik-Tok, then you will use lips brushes to evenly apply cosmetics, combine different shades and create additional effects - for example, ombre. The manufacturer of brushes WoBs offers a wide range of brush models for blending and contouring the lips.


How can brush for lips change your look?

Here are a few facts you should know when choosing lipstick and gloss sticks:

Ideally, brush for lips should have a small diameter and medium hardness.
The lipstick brush must be made of synthetic hair.
It is preferable that the brush is small, so that you can work even the most difficult areas without problems. In addition, for convenience, the brush should have a pointed end.
One brush for applying lipstick is not enough if you like to mix shades and work in complex techniques. It's necessary to purchase at least two brushes - a larger one and a smaller one.
Trendy lipstick or bright lip gloss is an important part of creating amazing look, but they won't make it any better if the lipstick brush is of poor quality.
Make-up artists must buy a lip brush, as it allows you to combine two or more shades of different lipsticks, as well as adjust the volume of the lips. Also, the brush helps to mix different types of cosmetics - for example, adding a light layer of lip gloss to a foundation decorated with lipstick.

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The WoBs brushes in the assortment of our store have the following features:

The main part of the assortment is made using the synthetic material taklon, which allows you to apply the cream base of the lipstick carefully and economically. But you can also choose a natural lip brush with sable hair;
Several types of brush shapes. A flat brush for bright and accented makeup is an indispensable tool. If you pay more attention to soft shading, you should choose a round brush. In turn, the brush for fine lines is intended for easy design of the contour of the lips;;
Brushes of different sizes. Depending on your preferences, you can make a choice both in favor of a miniature brush with a small beam height, and in favor of a wider model.

Choose WoBs lip brushes and make your make-up unique!

Lipstick and lip gloss can transform you beyond recognition, but lip brushes will make your look even better! If you are a master make-up artist who uses a large shade palette, then a make-up professional brushes for lips is an indispensable tool when working with clients.

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Which lipstick brush to buy in Kyiv that you will like? The manufacturer is always in the flow of fashion trends, so we offer you truly modern and convenient make-up accessories!