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Blush not only gives the skin a natural color, but also helps emphasize facial features. A pink or coral blush applied to the cheeks can energize your complexion. But blush is the kind of makeup that can't be applied neatly without the right tools, so you'll need a blush brush.


Brushes for blush - how to choose the right model?

Depending on the type of blush, the following are distinguished:


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Brushes for blush are made from both natural and synthetic bristles. Your choice should be based on the consistency of the blush you are using:

Natural bristle blush brush is suitable for dry pigment. For example, goat hair is soft and elastic. It absorbs the pigment well and blends it on the skin. The main advantage of this fiber is the wavy and porous nature of the hair, which allows to distribute the blush evenly.
You can choose brushes from pony hair. It's even more soft, that's why the bunch of brushes applies blush in a thinner layer. It's most convenient to work with such a brush using ball blush.
Another option is to buy a blush brush made of raccoon hair. These are more dense and elastic brushes, which, on the contrary, help to more accurately emphasize facial features. It's also an excellent choice for loose and compact blushes.
For some cases, it's worth buying a blusher made of synthetic materials, such as taklon. This is the best brush for cream blush.

What shape should a brush for blusher be?

Small and dense. An ideal model if you want to create a bright color on the cheeks. Used for correction and modeling.
Medium and dome-shaped. Distributes the blush in such a way that it looks noticeable, but soft and not too bright.
Angled. Choose a fluffy angled brush if you prefer a diffused shade. At the same time, the color won't be too intense. The beveled shape is the most versatile and easiest for beginners.

Therefore, professional Wobs brushes are the best solution for both the professional make-up artists and the amateurs, because we have models for every taste:

From natural pile - goat, pony, raccoon, a mix of goat pile and synthetics;
From synthetic fibers - corn fiber, taklon;
Basic shapes brushes – round and flat. You can also choose brushes with a symmetrical bunch, with a cut edge, with fluffy and thin ends.

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Buy a WoBs blush brush - get a quality product and service

To make the makeup look stylish and neat, you need to buy a blush brush in a store that works according to high quality standards. This is the manufacturer of brushes WoBs, which has the following advantages:

The company has been on the market since 2008 and has extensive experience in the sale of brushes for makeup;
Wide assortment, which is regularly updated;
A good selection of brush care products;
High quality materials that make your makeup work as comfortable as possible;
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