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Eyeshadow is one of the most popular types of cosmetics, so it isn’t surprising that eye shadow brushes are also always on demand. How to buy brushes for eyeshadow and not regret your choice? We decided to give you some tips that you should listen to choose the right brushes.

eyeshadow brushes WOBS


Eyeshadow brushes - what you need to know to choose them

What eyeshadow brushes should a professional makeup artist, Instagram blogger, or makeup lover have? First of all, these are models for applying pigment with a natural or synthetic pile and flat form.

Professional eyeshadow brushes are designed for specific stages of applying makeup, so they work differently depending on the consistency of the eyeshadow and the shape of the tool. Synthetic material allows you to save on cosmetics, which have a liquid or creamy texture, while natural fibers apply the dry ones softly and smoothly.
Natural fibers are usually softer than synthetic ones, especially if you work with a pony or squirrel pile. However, taklon is an excellent choice if hypoallergenic materials and easy care of brushes are important to you.
The choice of brush size depends on the stage of applying the make-up. Larger brushes are designed for applying and blending the main color, while small brushes are designed for precise application and elimination of the slightest defects.
It’s also important to pay attention to the shape of the eyeshadow application brush. In your makeup bag, you should have a brush for blending shadows of the traditional shape in the torch form. Also don’t forget about the model with pointed ends and pencil brushes that allow you to place accents or draw neat and glamorous arrowlines.

In any case, don’t limit yourself to one model. We recommend buying not just one eyeshadow brush, but at least two of them in different shapes and sizes. The best option is to have a full eye shadow brush set.

buy eyeshadow brushes WOBS

WOBs brushes differ in quality and variety, so you can order models, which would be perfect for your makeup:

Natural fiber brushes – sable, goat, pony, squirrel;
Synthetic - taklon, latex, silicone, corn fiber.
The two main shapes are round and flat. In the catalog you can also buy natural eyeshadow brushes of other types of shapes – beveled, with a pointed end, fluffy fiber, etc.
From several collections - White Line, Smoky, Piano, Klimentina, Natural Shine, Dark Chocolates.

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If the modern eyeshadow blending brush best hasn’t yet appeared in your cosmetic kit, then don’t postpone the purchase because with our eyeshadow brushes makeup will be the highlight of your image! For everything you need, there is the WoBs store – a company with a long history that has won the trust of tens of thousands of customers. We offer not only a wide range, but also many other pleasant things:

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Here you can not only buy an eye shadow brush, but also gift certificates and the whole brush set for eyeshadow;
Sets for easy brush care;
Offline store of eye shadow brushes in Kyiv.

Order brushes and become a make-up master!